What am I grateful for right now?

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There is so much in my life that I am grateful for. I thought about making a list, but that would take forever.

So9 I thought I would share that I am grateful for my sons. I was blessed to have three sons and a stepson whom I love as much as I do the ones I gave birth to.

My sons are the gift that God gave to me. I love Him for entrusting me with precious gifts. My sons have given me grandchildren, and some of my grandchildren have given me great-grandchildren. I am genuinely blessed and grateful for them in my life.

I will share a brief synopsis of my sons.

Robert, Jr. is the oldest and my stepson. Growing up, he was a handful but turned into a quiet family man and father of three.

Tamboura was my firstborn. Robert Jr. went with him when he chose to go into the Army. He had one son. We lostTamboura twenty-three days after he turned twenty-three in a car accident. He loved being in the military.

Yusef, we always knew, would go into the military. He prepared himself by joining the Boy scout, civil air patrol and six years in ROTC. He is also a family man with three children.

Arian is the youngest. He could not go into the military because he has serious asthma attacks two or three times a year. He works primarily in construction. He has seven children.

Arian, Jr.I consider my son because I raised him from a baby to an adult. He has two step-children.

Robert, Sr. was a good husband and provider for over fifty years. His children and I loved him well. We miss his presence but know he is still watching over us.

These are the blessings I am most grateful to have in my life.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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