What Excites Me Right Now?

Many things excite me. For instance, reading a good romance story, Christmas movies (Hallmark), old westerns, Star Trek(all the Star Treks), when I crochet a blanket for a family member, and my grandchildren are only a few examples of what excites me.

But today, right now, what has me excited is this blog. Sunday, October 26, 2022, I will have posted 800 consecutive blog posts. I intended to celebrate by doing Facebook live and inviting you to join me.

However, I will be at a conference, and I do not want to do a rush or haphazard job celebrating. So, I will wait until the following Sunday, October 23rd, to celebrate.

I never thought I would make the 30-day challenge, but when I completed the 30 days, I decided to see how long I could go. I told you I would post every day, and if I had to miss a day, I would make it up by posting twice the following day. I have had to do that a handful of times. I also said I would be all over the place because when I found something I thought might benefit you, I would post it.

I hope you found at least one article beneficial. I like variety and would become bored if I only wrote about one thing. So, today, I am very excited because I kept my commitment to you. Help me celebrate on October 23rd. I will let you know the time when I set it and how to connect with me.

I am currently doing October prompts because this is Journal month, and it allows me to share myself with you. Some of the prompts are challenging, but I am responding anyway.

That is it for today, so until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Tomorrows prompt:

What Are Three Things I Need to Stop Doing?

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