What a Day!

Wow! This weekend has been awesome. I am excited to tell you about the event. I started writing it, but it will not be completed tonight. There is so much share, and as I said last night, I want to do it right.

I made some new friends, and I cannot wait tell you about the speakers. I had a billion give me a hug, and he took a picture with me.

I know you want to know who he is. I will share his name and others in the write up I am preparing for you. He gave a great talk, and I call it a talk because he shared information. He didn’t give a speech.

I can share with you my experience driving to my sister’s house after the event.

I got caught in a rainstorm, and I could hardly see the lines in the freeway. Then there was great flash of lightening that zigzagged across the sky and few second later there was a big sonic boom. There were several flashes of lightening, but thankfully, no more thunderclaps.

I was frightened because it required me giving my absolute attention to my driving others driving. A single mishap on my part or someone else’s, and I could have ended in casualty or worst.

I am so thankful to the lord for seeing me safely to my sisters house. Oh! By the way. This is my 800th consecutive post. Next Saturday or Sunday, I am going to celebrate with a Facebook. I will get the information to you when I return home and set the date and time.

Thank you for supporting me. I could not have stayed with this commitment had it not been you. So, until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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