Today I Am Grateful!

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I am grateful every day, but today, I am especially grateful. I woke with a happy heart. My friend, Kim reached to me to let me know she could be on the Bible Study call. It had been three weeks since the last time we were able to do that. Her job hours changes, so sometimes she can’t be on the call, and last week I was driving to Los Angeles.

We both enjoy reading the Bible and then discussing what we have read. To get back to my gratitude, that was part of my gratefulness for today. I started working on my plans for next year, and the plans for the rest of this year.

It felt good to put these plans down on paper. I usually wait until the year I’m working on to start making plans.

I am very pleased and grateful for this year. I hosted two virtual events, spoke at several virtual events, was interviewed on several Facebook shows and podcast shows, and I have a creative writing group.

I am grateful for my life, I have a place to stay, food for my stomach, clothes, shoes, good health, and transportation. What more could I ask for, other than to get better at the things I have accomplished.

Two things I want to be better at, 1) improve my writing skills, and 2) restart my podcast show and get much better at interviewing.

There is much more I could share, but it might get boring to hear me speaking about myself when there are so many people that have played major roles in supporting me to get where I am right this minute. From time to time, you will read about them here on my blog.

For now, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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