Speaking of My Son!

My son sent me several pictures of himself. I post three of the pictures on Facebook about three hours ago. He is the most popular thing on my Facebook.

When was growing up, he was the quite introvert and his brothers teased him, especially my youngest son. As an adult, the tables turned. They look up to him out of respect.

I sometimes miss my children being children. It seems they grew up so fast and moved on with their lives. I miss the running and attending sports events I had no interest in because I wanted to be there to support them.

I asked the Lord for all boys and that is what he gave me. Only I forgot boys like to play sports, and I have never been interested in sports. I attended their practices and games wearing stockings, high heels, dresses, or skirts. And must not forget, I always carried two or three books with me to read.

The other parents thought I was a little odd, but they accepted me. I believe those were some of the best memories. The holidays carried some good memories also. I think I will share some of those memories for each of the upcoming holidays.

So, watch for those stories, and in the meantime, stay safe, and keep the faith.

P.S. I have attached two of the pictures above of my son.

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