What Is Imposter Syndrome?

depressed woman sitting in room
Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

I was asked the other day if I ever suffered from imposter syndrome? I did give it some thought, and I realized I do suffer from imposter syndrome sometime.

I have been around for quite a few years, and I have a wide variety of interests. I am often asked questions and I answer. But sometimes I think, “You have not had any official training or received a certificate, so why do you think people should listen you?”

I believe we all experience those same thoughts on some level. I encourage you not to give into the thoughts or feelings. The knowledge you have gained trough life experiences makes you just as qualified as some of those with degrees.

I do not mean if you learned how to set a leg that you are automatically qualified to b a doctor. You do have to use your head and know what you can and cannot do. But do not let the imposter syndrome keep you from going after your dreams.

It held me down for years because I chose not to go to college. I felt I was not qualified to do any of the tings I wanted.

Imposter syndrome is the internal belief that you’re not as competent as others think you are. It manifests itself when people give you praise or positive feedback. You might feel undeserving, even though all the evidence suggests that you’re highly skilled. At its worst, you may feel like a fraud.

Do not give into believing you are not worthy of sharing your knowledge, to start that business or service you have wanted to. Someone needs what you have to offer. I may need what you have to offer. What you have may save a life.

Imposter syndrome can cause a great deal of damage to your work, career, and personal life, so it’s important to recognize the signs early and take action to stop it.

So, go out there provide what you are to do to help yourself and others. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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