A Great Event!

Dr. Patricia Rogers, Host of the Entrepreneur Living the /dream 2022.

Hey, if you did not attend Entrepreneur Living the Dream 2022, you missed a great event. There were several speakers and panelists; even guests the host of the event met in France last week that attended the summit.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about Dr. Rogers’s events is that you learn so much while being entertained. Her special guest and coach, Trish Carr of the Women’s Prosperity Network, was also one of the speakers. Later, Trish’s sister, Susan Wiener, attended.

The music was spot-on, and the energy was contagious. You could not come to this event in a bad mood and stay that way for long.

I was one of the panelists, and we were on a roll

Today’s event is the last one she does for the year, and I can say she outdid herself. I believe this was her best event of the year. Dr. Rogers can be very proud of herself, her team, and her speakers.

I want to shout out to Dr. Soumyadita Das, the leader of Track2, for a fantastic presentation. There were internet issues in India, but a professional did not let that stop him. Congratulations, Das, for a beautiful presentation. Das is also responsible for all the background work for the event.

I am posting pictures below to show you a small portion of the event. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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