Believe That It’s Possible

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on First, you need to believe that it is possible. Yes, there is likely a job opening in that corner office. Yes, this huge mansion is likely on the other side of town. It's possible that people can develop this successful business. Whatever your vision is, believe that it is … Continue reading Believe That It’s Possible

People Will Test You

Photo by Kampus Production on In life, people constantly test you. They may bring out the best or worst in you. Recognize which is which so you can increase the positive aspects and effects. - Unknown I had not thought about it, but sometimes when family or friends say certain things without thinking about … Continue reading People Will Test You

Kaizen and Personal Goals

If you've come across the concept of 'kaizen,' you'll know that making many small changes can help you build towards big goals. It's tough to encourage yourself to take on some huge new project when you're already struggling to juggle all the balls you have in the air, so making small changes will likely be … Continue reading Kaizen and Personal Goals