My Very Busy Day

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Today has been extra long. I attended a social media retreat. I learned so much and had a great meeting new friends and getting reacquainted with others.

Today was the conclusion of this two=day event hosted by Diana Morgan, the founder of Wholeheart Marketing. The great thing about Diana is her ability to break things down into understandable pieces for non-techie people like me.

At the end of the session, I had to prepare for my first live in-person speech quickly. I was invited to speak at A Seat at the Table. It felt so good to be with a group of people. I made some new friends.

The speakers, Dave Kovar, Preet Didbal, and Dominic Johnson, shared powerful messages. I took copious notes to study at a later time. And, of course, I had my message that the audience received very well.

My eyes are angry, so I will call it quits until tomorrow. So stay safe, and keep the faith.

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