People Will Test You

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In life, people constantly test you. They may bring out the best or worst in you. Recognize which is which so you can increase the positive aspects and effects. – Unknown

I had not thought about it, but sometimes when family or friends say certain things without thinking about your feelings, they may be testing you to see how committed you are to your dreams.

Too often, you roll over or start to doubt your dreams because of what someone says or thinks about you.

I know because I have been guilty of the same thing. You value family and friends, and it can hurt badly when they cause you to doubt what you want.

Thank them for their advice or suggestions, and work hard to make your dream a reality. When they compliment you or send referrals, you know they accept your vision and recognize you are a success.

Hold to your dreams, and avoid the doubters. People will test you when they have no ambitions to achieve a goal. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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