Happy Birthday!

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Today has been a good day but also a sad day for me. Today would have been my husband’s 78th birthday! He was proud of being a Pearl Harbor baby, even if it was four years after the fact. He loved saying he was born on Pearl Harbor Day.

I thought I would let the day go by, but I could not do that. So, I recognize his special day. However, he would say it is just another day if he were still with us. Don’t make a fuss. I would say, Happy birthday, here’s your gift.

I miss him being here, but he is no longer in pain and telling me not to make a fuss about his birthday. Despite his saying, I always knew he was pleased with the family recognizing his day. For that one day, he was the center of attention.

He was the oldest of ten children. He had four brothers and five sisters and helped his mother raise his siblings. I believe he did without so his brothers and sisters could have things. For that reason, he was used to not having anything special done for his birthday, and it was easier to say, don’t do anything for me. I felt he needed us to recognize his day, so I did it every year.

He was not perfect, and when upset, he would give you a look that let you know it was time to back off. He did make one big mistake, and I accept part of the blame. He dropped his life insurance when he retired because my company covered him.

What we did not know, they dropped him when he turned sixty-five. I am still covered because I worked for them. Since we did not know this, he left us, and there was no insurance.

Enough about that. I want to end on a happy note. Life has ups and downs, but I still keep the faith. I will make that cake and have a vanilla or chocolate ice cream bowl to remember him and his special day.


Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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