5 Ways to Avoid Burn Out in Your Coaching Biz Step 4

man stressed at work
Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA production on Pexels.com

Job burnout is genuine whether you work for a large company or yourself. Slowly, over time, you start hitting the snooze button; you procrastinate about starting projects, suffer writer’s block when creating products, and don’t look forward to your coaching calls. It may seem to come on suddenly, but these easy-to-miss signs start slowly and snowball until you question if you still want to continue being a coach.

No one is immune to this dilemma, but there are ways you can prevent it from happening.

  • Calculate your prices carefully. When you pull random numbers out of thin air because they “sound good to you,” chances are you’re underpricing your time and devaluing your services. And if you happen to let an energy vampire slip through onto your client calendar, you’ll quickly start to resent them because they are underpaid, and you’ll feel like you’re losing money every time you talk to them.

Tomorrow I will share steps 1 – 5. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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