Inventory Your Dreams

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Inventory Your Dreams – Creating Your Bucket List

Everyone has dreams. Some exist because they’re unique and fun. A bucket list is nothing more than a list of life goals you’d like to accomplish. Some items on your bucket list will take a lifetime. You can complete some today. The list will make the difference because it’s better than a list. Once you know what you want, it’s like having a step-by-step guide for living your life successfully.

Brainstorm Freely

Get some paper or open a document on your computer. Now set the timer for 15 minutes and write down everything you have ever considered doing or becoming. Don’t worry about putting it in order right now. Don’t concern yourself with reality. Just get it all down. You’re just creating a list.

Create It with Someone

Ask someone, such as a friend or spouse, to do it with you. You can also do this with your coach or mentor by having them help you create your list based on your conversation so you don’t forget anything you need or want to do on the list.

Record Your Bucket List

It is crucial to record your list for posterity. Don’t just keep the list in your head. If you do that, you’ll never go further than the idea phase of your bucket list. You want to do many things that make it to your list.

Include Simple Things

Don’t think your bucket list has to be all “pie in the sky” ideas. Instead, you want to put things on the list that are easy to do and can be done right now, within five minutes if needed.

Include Difficult Things

Don’t forget to add the things you want to do before you die that are super long-term, like owning a house, saving for retirement, or going on a once-in-a-lifetime world cruise. Including bucket list items that take planning will make your list comprehensive.

Include All Facets of Your Life

Don’t just make a bucket list for one aspect of your life. Include all areas of your life, including career, relationships, experiences, etc. Include all parts of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually in your bucket list-making.

Add a Timeline

Once you finish the list, go back through it and quickly write down how long from now you’d like to do this item. For example, when would you like this to happen if you want to save money to retire early?

Be Open to Change

Some things on the brainstormed list will include items that aren’t possible. Go through and mark those off, then flesh out the other items by giving them a deadline and some other criteria so you can ensure they happen. However, always be open to change. You never know what the future will bring.

Tell Others About Your List

Don’t keep your goals a secret. Not only does telling others to make you more accountable to yourself, but it also motivates you and others to know about your plans. Plus, you never know who also shares one of your dreams. When you share your list, you might find a friend with whom you can share the experience once you start living out your dream.

Taking an inventory of your dreams to create your bucket list is one of the first steps toward achieving the lifestyle you truly desire. Feeling successful is all about wanting what you have. The way to like what you have is to know what you want. The only way to see what you want is to explore your dreams, desires, and options.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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