How a Mentor or Coach Can Help You

Defining your life goals requires knowledge, research, and planning. You can save time by collaborating with a mentor or a coach. Mentors and coaches have usually already succeeded at whatever it is that you want to succeed at doing, or they have extensive training and education about it. 

  • Confidence – One internal problem that a coach or mentor can immediately help you with is self-confidence. Most inaction happens due to feeling incapable. Your coach or mentor will help you identify your strengths, which will help you feel much more self-assured about your actions. 
  • Support – Everyone has setbacks in life. How you deal with setbacks makes all the difference in your progress. A mentor or coach will support you during and after setbacks. They’ll listen to your story while protecting you from self-bullying that happens during mistakes sometimes. 
  • Feedback – Productive people thrive with honest feedback. Your mentor or coach will hold a mirror that shows you where you are, good and bad. They will not sugar coat the information but will always focus on kindness. 
  • Clarity – Anytime you’re confused about what you want or the proper steps to get what you want, a coach or mentor can provide the clarity you need. They offer a new or distinct perspective regarding your goals and the life you claim to want to live. That way, you’ll be content and happy when you get what you want. 
  • Inspiration – Many coaches, especially mentors, have already done what you want to do or something close to it. Seeing someone succeed means that it is possible for you too. 
  • Motivation – A coach isn’t going to listen to your damaging excuses about why you’re not taking the action you planned to take. Instead, they will point out ways to move forward that you calculate as simple enough to start doing. 
  • Direction – Like GPS, knowing how to get where you’re going is part of the problem. A mentor may have already gone on the path you’re going. A coach may have step-by-step directions created from experience. The approach they’ll provide will be invaluable if you choose the right coach or mentor with expertise. 
  • Experience – Both coaches and mentors already have gone where you’re going or at least have helped others. The experience is invaluable because until you’ve “been there,” it’s tough to know what questions to ask. They can help you understand the right questions because they’ve already done it. 
  • Tools – The other wonderful thing about mentors and coaches is that they already know about the “tools of the trade” that might help you make everything you need to do easier. For example, a good mentor may recommend the right project management tool if you are starting a new business that requires you to work with a team. 

Working with a mentor or coach on defining your life goals will fast-track you over the most common obstacles to success, which include lack of knowledge, no plan, and poor action-taking. 

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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