Learning to Think and Aim Big

Achieve Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

When you think of success, do you envision oodles of money, a mansion, and a fancy sports car? Those items are great, but what about a more profound sense of success – a success beyond your wildest dreams?

If you’re like most readers of internet articles, websites, and blogs, you’ve probably heard some success stories where ordinary folks like yourself have gone from rags to riches scenarios. However, and more importantly, there are even better stories, like the stories of entrepreneurs and business people leaving their corporate world to go and sell ice cream somewhere in the Caribbean. They, too, are abundantly happy and prosperous.

What makes up success?

Success is a personal definition – for some, it’s lots of money, and for others, it’s fulfillment, and for others, it’s freedom. Some people want to live in a mansion overlooking the ocean, while others want to live in a cottage by the lake or farm.

Bottom line – success is what you say it is.

Want to know something even more powerful? Success is even what you say it isn’t. You get in your way.

Let’s start with defining your success. Here are a few tips on how to determine what success is to you and only you:

  • What’s your why – we all have a vision of what success looks like to us. However, taking this notion one step further, ask yourself some key questions. What is your why? This is the first question. Why do you want to achieve this particular success?

Dig deep down and quietly meditate on your true calling, passion, and purpose. Everyone has one, and it’s only a matter of time before you are one of the millions asking yourself, “Is there something other than this?” What is the why behind your success? Do you wish to reach thousands of people and make a difference? Do you want to help hundreds solve a problem you have experienced? Do you value freedom over material objects and items? Start getting in touch with your why.

  • What’s the most important thing to you? Do you value financial freedom, being of service, the space to come and go as you please, and the ability to create a flexible schedule that works for you and your family?

Once you get in touch with your why your core need and desire will come to light. If you have a driving need to be your own boss or a passionate purpose to help others beyond your wildest dreams, this will come to light once you know your why. Your core desire will come to the surface.

  • What action steps do you need to take, and what does it look like to make it come to life? Once you’ve done the work to uncover your definition of success, what your why is, and what’s the most important thing to you, it’s time to take a trip outside your head and beyond your comfort zone into the world of action. While it’s nice to get inside your head and get in touch with your why and your what, it’s even more critical to get in touch with the how. How will you make it happen?

Tomorrow we will look at several life categories and how to succeed. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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