Learning to Think and Aim Big Part 5

The Art of Visualizing and Manifesting

  • Allowing the problem to sit for a while – when you think about a problem for too long, it becomes more significant and more unmanageable
  • Journal the problem.
  • Let go of finding a solution. The quicker you let go of finding a solution it pops into your mind – did you ever look for something and can’t find it, and then the minute you stop looking, you find it? Same concept.
  • Pick an uplifting vibe and stick with it – get enthusiastic about how excited you are your dream will come true.
  • Before this step, you must know your goal and name it – be enthusiastic about your specific purpose.
  • Think about the end and not how you will get there, and you will begin to manifest at the speed of light.
  • Visualize daily, especially out in nature or in the shower. Notice more positive things than negative ones. Face your fears in small doses, then let them go as you realize you survived everything you feared.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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