Snow White Befriend 7 Dwarf

A friend of mind enjoys writing poems for others to enjoy. I am sharing one to give you a break from my serious articles.

Poem #8

When in fear of her life

Snow White took to flee into forest.

Where 7 dwarfs accepted her

As housekeeper, Souls Chef Mommy.

Their names are Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Dopey.

A Joyful go-lucky bunch are they .

Cheerful whistle can be heard like bird songs echoed so all day.

Doc was full of Knowledge.

Gifted to heal and encourage.

He is the mentor.

An Authentic Leader.

Sneezy is always sneezing.

Times 25 at a timing.

Like a cat who has sniff katnip

Way too much. Ah- choo Ah-choo!

Happy would be the most treasured.

Bringing happiness by the loadful.

A Positive Attitude is his stance.

Special in heart in importance.

Bashful is the quiet shy one.

When he speaks, everyone listens.

I can relate to him

As an intelligent precious gem.

Sleepy can sleep 14 hours

if you leave him be.

Still will he want more you see.

He can fall asleep anywhere.

His share of work does he not bear.

Dopey is somewhat a clown.

A sweet soul bringing laughter to home.

In midst of his personal boundary.

Is love of doing laundry.

Grumpy is the most moody.

Not much makes him happy.

Most temperamental passive

Stubborn face aggressive.

However Snow White Loved them all.

They Cherished & Appreciated her

Like a match made in Heaven.

This Beautiful Princess and her seven.

-Vicki Berry

I hope you enjoyed her poem. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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