Keeping A Journal

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Three Big Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

There is so much you can learn about yourself simply by journaling. Below I share three benefits you can receive from journaling. I will share more in the future.

Journaling is older than the written word. Men and women have been tracking their lives since cave dwellers drew crude pictograms on walls. It is in our DNA to draw, write, process, and document our journey through life. Some of this country’s most beloved treasures are the journals and accounts written by America’s founding fathers and mothers.

Whether plotting out a new business, processing your thoughts in a safe place, or creating a documentary of a journey, journaling is an effective way to sort through life and create new outcomes.

There are three significant benefits to keeping a journal

  • Exploration of possibilities
  • Expressing the processes of life
  • Gaining a personal historical perspective

Explore the possibilities- Journaling creates a safe space to ponder any idea that comes to mind. Sometimes one of the best ways to manage the overwhelm of life is to empty your head of the thoughts, ideas, and information running through your mind. Writing down the information frees you up to let it go. The brain is no longer required to manage so much information.

Journaling your thoughts and dreams flexes your imagination and fires neurons that expand ideas. Writing things out creates a space for ideas to come and be cataloged. Then you can go back and add to the pictures or let them go if they no longer suit you—the simple act of asking yourself what if invites the possibilities to come. Writing the ideas that come to mind allows you to explore what it would take to make them a reality.

Express yourself- Just as art, music, and dance are forms of expression, journaling is a fundamental way people express themselves. Whether doing Bible journaling, bullet journaling, or writing longhand in a leather-bound book filled with empty pages, you represent yourself profoundly. No two journals are alike, and there is great power in having an outlet to share whatever is at the forefront of your mind.

Expressing yourself gives you an outlet to manage the emotions of a difficult time in life. Writing in a journal can be a way to recharge your batteries and do some self-care. Journaling can lead to a passion for writing about, drawing, or capturing your most important ideas when they have your full attention.

Remember what happened- Life is fleeting. What you are experiencing today will be a memory in a concise amount of time. What you feel about life, happiness, sadness, joy, or confusion won’t always be the case. You won’t always be pregnant. You won’t always be in the beginning stages of starting your business. Journaling creates a timeline where you can live in the moment and reflect on the future. Nothing is better than going back and revisiting who you were back then, recognizing how far you’ve come, and seeing that things did work out for the best.

Seeing how you worked through issues and made it is beneficial. One day your family may read your journal and have a new and profound understanding of who you were and what you were managing at different times of life.

Journaling has benefits that come alive when you move the thoughts and ideas from your head to a journal. There are undeniable advantages to exploring the possibilities, expressing yourself, and having a historical perspective.

Happy journaling. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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