Habit Of Journaling Daily

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Hey, it’s that time when I remind you why I write on different subjects. For one thing, I like writing about a variety of things. I enjoy sharing the information I receive.

I could write only about journaling, but you might get bored, so I share other information that works with journaling.

Below is information I shared to help you get into the journaling habit.

Getting Into The Habit Of Journaling Daily To Reap The Biggest Rewards

An adage says how you do anything is how you do everything. Translated, this means that habits are the surest indicator of outcomes. The generally accepted truth about habits is they take 21 days to develop. Doing something repeatedly for 21 days accounts for the mindset shift needed to integrate the behavior into our everyday lives. Little by little, what once was foreign becomes routine.

Here are 21 tips for developing your journaling habit:

  1. Don’t rush it
  2. Have great tools
  3. Be present when you journal
  4. Be consistent with the time you journal
  5. Commit to the practice of journaling
  6. Get inspiration from nature
  7. Share your enthusiasm for journaling with others
  8. Find a community that loves to journal
  9. Find a favorite place to journal
  10. Enjoy your favorite drink when you journal
  11. Use a special seat for journaling
  12. Set aside time with your child to journal together
  13. Eliminate outside distractions
  14. Diffuse essential oils while you journal
  15. Burn scented candles when you journal
  16. Leave your journal out so you can be reminded to engage with it
  17. Schedule journaling time into your calendar
  18. Always have a supply of journals and tools on hand
  19. Treat yourself to a reward for reaching a goal you journaled
  20. Forgive yourself when you don’t journal
  21. Place no limits on yourself about journaling. Just do it

As with everything, you must want to develop the habit of creating it. Ask yourself why you want to journal and how you believe life will be enriched for having done it. Discover what motivates you and make that motivation part of your routine.

The first time you try something new, you will likely be awkward. It will take longer than it ought to and feels unnatural. Sticking to the routine creates mastery, meaning things are effortless, and the results come easy. Keep at your journaling, and you will see the effort is easy and the outcomes better than ever.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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