Mrs. Velma Stokely

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“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future and believe it can be obtained.” -– Shawn Hitchcock

March 14, 2023

Good morning! Today, I am sharing the story of Mrs. Stokely. Mrs. Storkely was short but stood ten feet tall to everyone around her. I miss her, as do others, for all she did in the community. Her daughter and now her granddaughter carry on some of the work she started.

Mrs. Velma Stokely

I will always be grateful to Mrs. Velma Stokely. My sister introduced me to Mrs. Stokely in 1975 at a model convention. She immediately asked if I was a model or if I would be interested in modeling for her.

I was flattered because I wanted to model, but it was considered too short. Mrs. Stokely was a woman with great dreams and visions.

Mrs. Stokely encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to grow. Because of Mrs. Stokely, I not only modeled but established my modeling group and became a beauty pageant director.

The first time I was to model, she was there to encourage and support me with you can do this pep-talk.

Mrs. Stokely saw potential in me that I missed. Whenever I had doubts, she held me up and told me why she knew I could do it. Because she had such faith and confidence in me, I never wanted to let her down.

She challenged and urged me to go beyond what I thought I could do. In the thirteen years we worked together. I became a celebrity in Sacramento.

I will always love and be grateful to Mrs. Stokely, the Real Miss Black Sacramento Beauty Queen.

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