Do You Journal?

There are three significant benefits to why you should start keeping a journal.

  1. Exploration of possibilities
  2. Expressing the processes of life
  3. Gaining a personal historical perspective

Explore the possibilities- Journaling creates a safe space to ponder any idea that comes to mind.

 Sometimes one of the best ways to manage the overwhelm of life is to empty your head of the thoughts, ideas, and information running through your mind. Writing down the information frees you up to let it go. The brain is no longer required to manage so much information.

Express yourself- Just as art, music, and dance are forms of expression, journaling is a fundamental way people express themselves. Whether you are doing Bible journaling, bullet journaling, or writing longhand in a leather-bound book filled with empty pages, you express yourself profoundly. No two journals are alike, and there is great power in having an outlet to share whatever is at the forefront of your mind.

Remember what happened- Life is fleeting. What you are experiencing today will be a memory in a concise amount of time. What you feel about life, happiness, sadness, anger, or confusion won’t always be the case. You won’t always be pregnant. You won’t always be in the beginning stages of starting your business. Journaling creates a timeline where you can live in the moment and reflect on the future.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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