Happy Good Friday!

Good Friday is a significant day in the Christian calendar, marking the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. For some families, it is also the day of the birth of a special child. Being born on Good Friday can carry a certain symbolism and a sense of destiny for some individuals.

I was born on Good Friday. I admit I have felt special because of it.  It also carries a heavy burden. From the time I was about nine years old, I was my mother’s confidant.

From elementary school through high school, kids told me about whatever bothered them. When I started working, it was the same thing.

The CEO of my last job suggested that I have individuals take me to lunch for their conversations when he found out why someone was always at my desk.

I received quite a few free lunches because of that suggestion. For most of my life, I have helped, supported, and listened to others when they felt the need for a confidant.

In my book, “Courage to Live My Dream,” on Amazon.com, I share how trying to be strong for others, I felt I could not allow myself to be weak. I could not share my problems with others. I even felt God had too many people to worry about to have me added to His list.

So, I am going to set you clear on that point. God is never too busy to hear from you, and if you have a friend or minister, you trust, talk to them. It was never meant for us to carry our burdens alone.

On Good Friday, I am reminded that the Son carried our burdens to the cross, and I am both happy and sad. Happy because he loved me enough to go through the pain, abuse, and shame for me. At the same time, I am sad because he went through those things for me.

I am not preaching or trying to change your beliefs. I felt moved to share this message, and that means someone needs to hear from me. This is the message they’ve been waiting for, and if you are that person, reach out to me and Book an Appointment at: https://calendly.com/lawannasbooking/oneonone. Until next time, please stay safe, keep the faith, and share your burden.

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