How Can I Be More Supportive In My Relationships?

Do you feel like you aren’t supportive enough of your friends? Or maybe of your significant other? Being supportive in any relationship is an important part of maintaining that relationship. This is especially true in a romantic relationship. Below are a few ways to work on being more supportive in your relationships to ensure you keep them healthy and strong.

Check-In Frequently

Everyone has one friend they haven’t heard from in a while. But the phone and the internet work two ways. Don’t be afraid to message or call your friends to check in. After all, they may need support and have been too busy to contact you. You never know until you check. And even if you live with your significant other, it’s important to ask how their day was because they may not volunteer information that is bothering them until you ask.

Just Listen

Sometimes, you may reach out to a friend and find that they need to vent about some things in their life for a few minutes. And the best way you can help this friend or significant other is by sitting quietly and listening to their problems. If they want advice or help, you can offer it, but even the most put-together people need to vent now and then.

Help Lower Their Stress

Although you may not solve a problem or situation your significant other may be facing, this doesn’t mean you can’t help lower their stress in other areas of their life. For example, if your husband or wife is experiencing a lot of stress at work, maybe take on a few of their household duties so that when they come home in the evening, they can just relax. You can also do something simple but nice for them, such as an offer to draw them a bath or a shoulder massage, anything which will lower their stress, even just for a few minutes.


Being supportive in all of your relationships is no easy task. But you can start by checking in with your friends and significant other frequently, listening to them when needed, and lowering their stress in any way possible. Not only will this improve your relationship with said individual, but it will also keep the relationship strong for years to come.

Until next time, stay safe and keep the faith.

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