A Better You Can’t Exist If You Practice Insanity

Don’t worry. We’re not calling you insane. That’s the last thing we want to do. We remind you that your actions must change if you want your results to change. You can’t continue to do what you’re doing now if you want something else to happen. If you haven’t created the version of your life that you know you deserve, you have to start doing different things than you currently are.

The Definition of Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing repeatedly and Expecting a Different Result.

The line you just read is credited to Albert Einstein and many other famous people. It doesn’t matter who first said it. Its power is in its truth. Nothing will change if you continue to practice certain financial behaviors and your financial health is not where you want it to be. You have to change your relationship with money to change your results.

The same is true of just about any other endeavor. If you want better results in your life, you need to become better. You probably know this. You realize that becoming a better you can give you a different result than you’re experiencing right now. You change yourself and inevitably change your experience.

That doesn’t happen when you habitually do things that lead to negative results.

Change What You Practice

The problem here is not that people don’t realize this. You’re probably well aware of this reality. The issue is that many of us take the same actions day after day after day, and those actions become automatic habits. Even though they create a reality we don’t desire, we are unconsciously inclined to continue. They’ve been hardwired into our psyche, and we find ourselves doing things that we know are contrary to what we should be doing.

The change that needs to take place is what you practice.

You must develop new habits instead of practicing habits that haven’t yielded the desired results. That takes time. It means consciously monitoring your actions and making the necessary changes. This can be difficult. Sometimes it means spending less time with people we care about. They might negatively influence us and hold us back from being our best-ever selves.

At other times we are our own worst enemies. We’ve developed bad habits over decades, and changing such behavior is difficult.

Give yourself some time. Don’t expect big change overnight. It took you a while to develop bad habits, and it will take a while to trade them in for new and positive behaviors. The key is consciously monitoring your actions and the results they produce.

Even if you failed to do so in the past, you could create the best-ever version of yourself. You need to be motivated and determined. You must practice persistence and never give up. Finally, you need to change the actions creating the watered-down results you don’t care for. Take different actions to create different results; a better version of yourself is just around the corner.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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