Reclaiming Confidence

There is nothing more crippling than losing your confidence.

Without confidence, everything gets harder. You struggle to concentrate. Tasks feel overwhelming. If you stay there, you’ll even find a more long-term emotional impact, where you might fall into depression or become disappointed. Without confidence, you lose all forward progress.

This is why reclaiming your confidence after suffering a blow is so important. For a fast boost, try these eight power-ups.

Do What Makes You Uncomfortable

When you take risks, you stretch yourself in surprising new ways. This is a powerful feeling. Why? It takes confidence to step outside your comfort zone. Trying something new forces you to act confidently, whether you started feeling it or not.

Find Your Purpose

Knowing what you’re destined to do is a fantastic feeling and fills a person with confidence. If you’re unsure why you’ve set a particular goal or are questioning what you’re doing, you’re not likely to feel confident at all. Solidifying the goal in your mind is a rapid boost to confidence.

Keep Trying

It’s normal to experience failure from time to time. This kind of disaster can easily destroy confidence. You regain this confidence when you get up and try again.

Learn Things

Knowledge truly is power. When you understand something inside out, you tend to be very confident (at least in that area). Continually learning new things expands your knowledge base. As a result, your confidence extends in new directions as well.

Drop the Idea that Things Have to be Perfect

When nothing is ever good enough, confidence falters. How do you feel sure of yourself when things are unfinished or lacking? By accepting things as they are, warts and all, you’ll relax and even become more confident in what you’re doing because you’re telling yourself that what you have or are doing is exactly what you need.

Dress for Success

How we present ourselves to the world really can affect our mental state. Wearing what makes you feel good about yourself will restore confidence. A change in attitude is only a change in outfit away.

Trust Yourself

You tell yourself you don’t know what you’re doing when you doubt your instincts. This is why it’s so important to ‘go with your gut’ when faced with a challenge. This trust instills confidence in your ability to judge a situation or outcome.

Look Forward

Confidence has a hard time standing up to ghosts from the past. Confidence falters when you get caught up in your previous failures or uncertainties. Instead, look forward to positive emotions. When you recognize your potential, you start seeing how amazing you are.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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