“What Can I Control?”

Today’s journal prompt is: “What Can I Control?”

Picture this: I’m strolling along, embraced by a picture-perfect day. The sun is beaming down, birds are singing their melodies, and the tranquil beauty of nature envelops me, washing away any lingering stress. Life couldn’t get any better.

But then, seemingly out of thin air, a brick wall suddenly materializes before me. It caught me off guard, like a whimsical twist in a story. This unexpected obstacle blocks my path, though it’s narrow enough for me to maneuver around easily. Yet, strangely, my initial instinct is to try and walk straight through it.

Of course, I quickly realize that I can’t control the appearance of this wall. What I can control, however, is my reaction to it. So I claim my sphere of control, focusing on what I can do. Instead of persistently butting my head against the wall, I step back and effortlessly navigate my way around it, continuing my delightful walk.

Life has a knack for throwing us unwelcome changes. In such moments, it’s crucial not to squander even a second attempt to alter something beyond our control. It’s far wiser to identify what we can truly influence and what we can’t. Armed with this understanding, we can take decisive action, transforming a negative circumstance into the best possible outcome.

Whenever negative changes come my way, I remind myself to fixate on what I can control. Trying to sway the unyielding forces that remain oblivious to our desires is futile. Doing so only serves to drain our precious time, fuel our frustrations, and pave the path to anxiety and stress—all of which can easily be avoided. By using the power of my sphere of control, I swiftly put negative changes behind me, granting them no more dominion over my journey than they deserve.

So, the next time life throws a curveball, remember this: focus on what you can control. Refrain from wasting your energy on the things that remain indifferent to your influence. Instead, embrace your sphere of control, turning setbacks into steppingstones toward a brighter future. In doing so, you’ll strip negative change of its power, swiftly moving past it and opening yourself up to new horizons.

This is my response to the journal prompt: “What Can I Control?”

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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