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Dr. La Wanna Parker’s Bio

Dr. La Wanna Gean Parker is an enthusiastic Success Coach who helps mature and aspiring women who feel lost, alone, and seeking transformation to create the best life they desire and deserve.

She is also an Amazon International and three-time Time Best-Selling Author, Blogger, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast/TV Host Interviewer.

Dr. Parker helps equip women to grow their creativity and increase their confidence and writing skills by turning their pain into passion and create the life they want. She inspires and encourages you to write and share your story in words.

Her vision is to help you unleash your creativity, tap into your inner wisdom, create works that inspire and connect with others, and leave a lasting legacy!

Text me at 916 698 0839 or DM me at https://www.facebook.com/lawannagparker

Crafting Your Legacy: 20 Writing Tips for High Achieving Women With Stories to Tell:


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