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Hey, Guys! Today is the day! Here is an invite: CEO, Dr. Patricia Rogers:
You’re Invited” Entrepreneurs Living The Dream 2021″Zoom Meeting Online Event When: Oct 14-15, 20213:00PM – 7:00PM (EST)(US and Canada)”COMPLIMENTARY VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS” are included in this email for those who desire to use them for this event. NOTE: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Register in advance BELOW https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcrfuCsrz0pHNcBvhyUlXM5uWLgx5gohl33

I will write about this event at the conclusion tomorrow and another article for today. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Embrace All Imperfection to Enjoy Life More

If you have any contact with social media, you will notice how everyone strives to be perfect. Suddenly you can not post a selfie without at least one filter or go out for dinner without showing your curated plate of food. Even your dog has to look perfect.

What if you just decided to take a step? Away from all the competition, all that are clamoring for likes and hearts? What if you chose merely to enjoy your life without sharing it with the world? Here is how you can reclaim your life and be happier.

  1. Stop judging

You can decide right now to stop analyzing other people, looking for what is wrong with their face or their body or their life choices. Refocus your attitude to stop seeing a difference as a flaw but as merely something that makes that person unique.

Just let go of the urge to criticize others, and you will notice a flow-on effect on how you see yourself.

  • Accept your imperfection

Wanting to be the best version of yourself is not the same as being a perfectionist. A perfectionist is never happy with who they are, how they look or doing. Being your best means you work hard, you try, and you do not give up. But it does not mean you blame yourself when things are not perfect, and you do not take failure personally.

  • Relax and enjoy the process

Perfectionists tend to trip over every little detail and allow imperfections to spoil their lives. When you embrace imperfection as a natural part of life, it frees you up to enjoy the ride.

Obstacles become challenges that make life more enjoyable. You can slow down and notice all the good things there are in your life.

  • Adopt imperfection as a way of life

Once you make peace with imperfection, you can be a lot more objective about life. Your perspectives change, and what once seemed overwhelmingly important suddenly doesn’t matter so much. All experiences become just another aspect of a rich life that builds the person you are continually evolving.

Imperfection stops being something to avoid at all costs. Think about it like this: perfection implies stasis, something you achieve and have to tend. It is fragile and vulnerable. It puts an end to growth. And then what? You do not want to stop learning and growing and developing, do you? Embracing imperfection means there is always an opportunity to learn and grow and become a better person.

Until next time, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

The Power of Toastmasters

Last night, I was honored to be the guest speaker at 50 Plus Toastmasters Meeting. Our special guests were Curtis Johnson, District Club Growth Leader, and Mike O’Neil, immediate past District Club Growth Leader.

Grace Lai, gave her Ice Breaker Speech! Grace has never been a Toastmaster, and English is her second language. She was afraid she would not do a good enough job for us to understand her story clearly.

We all understood and were amazed by the number of things she has done in her life. It is evident that she loves her church and misses going there in person. We learned she loves to play the violin and is good at it. She and her husband share many things, including joining Toastmasters. Her husband is her partner. If she needs a word explained, he looks it up and tells her so she can keep up with what is going on in the meeting. It was wonderful to get to know this remarkable woman.

My speech was on “The Power of Toastmasters.” I shared the story of two individuals and myself on how our lives changed because of “The Power of Toastmasters.”

If you have always wanted to speak before a group or learn better communication and leadership skills, then look no further. Toastmasters holds the recipe for your success to a new beginning. You could not find a better group of supportive, encouraging, and mentoring people. I encourage you to find a local club or a virtual club to join. I have come to prefer virtual clubs because they have members from other states and other countries.

If you cannot find a club, go to https://www.Toastmasters International.org. All the clubs from around the world are listed there with contact information. I suggest visiting several clubs to find the one you feel comfortable with being a part of because the members become part of your family.

We had so much fun at the meeting! The great thing about Toastmasters is you have fun while you learn! How cool is that! See you at the next Toastmasters meeting so I can hear your story and you can experience The Power of Toastmasters.

Until the next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. Love you.

Upcoming Events!

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Self-Care is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Hack

Journal Prompts

What would you like to stay the same? Are there areas in your life you’re already pleased with and don’t want to change?

Self-Care is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Hack

When it comes to fighting off the effects of aging, there’s a lot you can do. You can eat right, take great care of your skin, exercise, and all of that, but ultimately the best anti-aging hack is self-care. Self-care makes all the difference in aging because it feeds your very unique and specific needs. While nutrition, diet, and exercise are general and can apply to most people, self-care is highly personal, and what one person needs may look nothing like what someone else does.

We all need self-care, but not the same kind

We can all agree that self-care is vital, but we will likely disagree on the type and frequency everyone needs. Only you know what self-care means to you and how much and what type you need. For new moms, self-care could mean a shower and a nap, while a retired or widowed woman may need companionship for self-care.

We all need self-care, but not the same kind. You’ve got to tune into what you need and make it a priority. If you need 9 1/2 hours of sleep per night to be healthy, then you’ve got to make that your focus. Ultimately, whether or not you add self-care to the list of anti-aging hacks will determine how well you fight the aging process.

We all need self-care, but it changes over time

What we needed for self-care a year ago may not be what we need today. As our situations change over time, so does the sort and frequency of self-care we need today. Be sure to stay tuned to what you need to care for yourself and make any shifts or adjustments along the way. It’s reasonable to expect that what you need changes and how you get your fill of self-care will change too.

We all need self-care, and so does your family

People resist self-care because it feels indulgent and selfish. One of the easiest ways to make space for guilt-free self-care is to make it a priority for your whole family. It becomes normalized when you model the importance of self-care and empower others to take it for themselves. People feel more relaxed and supported, and that promotes aging well and living a stress-less lifestyle.

You can fight aging by eating right and drinking plenty of water, but you add to the richness of life by making self-care a regular part of your routine. Take the time to care for yourself, and it will reflect in your happiness and the longevity of your life.

Until next time, stay, and keep the faith.

Resist Aging from the Inside Out with Exercise

Below are two prompts you can use to help you start journaling if you find yourself with writers block, followed by an article on aging.

  1. What would you like learn before this year ends? (Are there other cultures you’ve always wanted to study? Are there advanced classes you want to attend?)
  2. How is your life different this year? Are there some big changes you’d like to make?

It seems obvious that taking care of our skin helps us look younger. It might not seem so obvious that how we take care of our insides also affects our outsides. Eating right, sleeping well, and living free from drugs and alcohol all contribute to how well we age. In addition, exercise can directly affect and influence our ability to grow older without feeling worn out and tired all the time.

You can resist aging from the inside out simply by exercising regularly. Cardiovascular health is a huge contributor to how our body ages. The healthy supply of oxygen-rich blood to our heart, lungs, and organs keeps them healthy and functioning normally. It’s really important to stay in shape when you want to resist aging. Try these fun activities to help keep your body healthy, limber, flexible, and in shape.

Dance like no one is watching- Dancing is a great way to express yourself, get your blood pumping, and release feel-good chemicals in your brain. Dancing can happen anywhere. In your living room, at the club, or in a specialized exercise class. Use dancing as a fun and easy way to stay fit and resist aging from the inside out.

Play team sports- Being on a team and engaging in competitive sports is a wonderful way to socialize and stay fit. Most communities have opportunities for intermural sports. Gyms often have sports options on their schedule too. From pick-up basketball games to organized softball or soccer leagues, there’s a team waiting for you to join.

Take a hike- Hiking is a wonderful way to experience nature and get those steps in. We need about 10,000 steps per day to keep our bodies healthy. What better way to get those steps in than to see the bounty and beauty of the world. Hiking can happen anywhere and includes all sorts of terrain. Make hiking an easy part of your exercise plan and you’ll be helping your heart stay healthy and your eyes to see more beauty.

What you eat matters when it comes to anti-aging. So does taking care of your skin. It’s equally important to use exercise as a means to fight off old age. They work hand in hand. Find a form of physical activity that you enjoy and make staying fit a life-long plan. The more active you are when you are younger, the more active you can remain when you are older. 

Enjoy Journaling

I recently learned October is Journaling month! So I thought it would be great to post a prompt every day this month to help you get started journaling.

I am posting two since I failed to post one yesterday. I believe this will be fun. You do not have to journal every day, and you do not have to use these prompts. You may not need prompts.

Prompts are for when the mind goes blank, and you need a little help getting started. You can also use the prompts for writing a book. Please do me a favor; share in the comments your use of the prompts.

Try these prompts and share with us if they worked for you.

  1. In what areas of your life will you challenge yourself? Are there skills you want to develop or a talent you wish to hone even more?
  2. What new foods do you want to try? Do you want to perfect your sugar cookie recipe, make delicious smoothies, or explore bold cuisines?

Until tomorrow, stay safe, keep the faith, and enjoy journaling.

October Event

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Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

A New Month!

Hey! I just learned October is National Journal Month. Therefore, I have decided to include a journal prompt with each posting this month.

Todays prompt is,

Where would you like to travel to? (This can be as complex as traveling to a different country or as simple as exploring a state park.)

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