A Strange Voice

I will be feeling this way tomorrow when I have to do house cleaning. I have had a very busy weekend. I attended a two day writing conference, attended two Toastmasters club meetings and a training. My head is swimming.

So, when I saw this message, I thought it appropriate for me. Maybe you have had a crazy weekend too. I have a 6:30 am meeting, so I am off to bed. Until tomorrow, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

WOW! 402 Consecutive Blog Posts!

I thought I would do my blog post differently this time. For the next 400 blogs, I will include videos and share more of myself. I will also continue to share articles and other information that I believe will benefit you.

If there is something you would like more information on, please put it in the comments below.

It has been a pleasure to share with you. Thank you so much for sticking with me during my learning time with this blog. I have loved every moment of putting together information for you. Stay with me and we can grow together. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

5 Daily Reminders

I posted an article about these five daily reminders last year. I believe them to be significant enough to re-post.

We need daily reminders that we matter and have something to offer. Print yourself a copy of this or write them. It may stick with you longer if, after you print them, you write them in your handwriting.

It is quick and easy to use the computer and print things out, but I remember longer when I write it for myself. Please! I do not write down everything, especially if it is long. However, if it is necessary, I take the time to write it out. You may not need to write. Printing and posting it somewhere you can see it regularly may be enough for you. Do what works best for you, but do it and remember.

Now to switch channels. I am looking out my window, and the day looks beautiful! The sky is light power blue with a spreading of white clouds. Hard to believe the night before last, it was raining hard. I sleep all night peacefully when it rains and wake up feeling rested.

I am going to take my laptop, sit on my porch, and enjoy the sunshine. I hope it is warm because I’m not too fond of chilly days, even with the sun shining! Enough about me and my hope to have a great day. No. Correction. I will have a great day!!! I hope you do too. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Become a Trendsetter

You can drive down the street in any town in America and see those successful businesses who became trendsetters in their niche. Some, like Starbucks, have even gone further and made it a “culture” of followers.

McDonald’s speedy food service reinvented the fast-food market. Like those highly successful entrepreneurs who saw a vision and acted on it, you need to do the same in your online niche.

Looking into the future, making predictions, and creating products based on your research and instinct into the future of the niche can boost your credibility and make you hot in your niche

But only if you are willing to expose your ideas without hesitation, fail forward, and take risks with your branding. Examine the needs and wants of your target audience. You must know what pleases your customers and what they long for in new products and ideas.

Keeping a close eye on what they are saying in posts and blogs and offering on their sites can be a good way of getting the insight you need to look into the future. If they are complaining a lot, take it and run with it – be the solution they have been waiting for all along.

Decide on a trendsetting product. Based on your research and instincts, create a unique product based on your customers’ ambitions and interests. Try to have an ear to the ground and do something before everyone else jumps on that bandwagon.  

Then, deliver it in a way that covers all bases. Podcasts, forums, blogs, paid advertisements, and launches with JVs and affiliates are great ways to get the word out.

Update your sites and products. If you have been offering the same old stuff in the same old ways for too long, your sales likely show it. Take an idea someone else is doing and turn it upside down. Do it differently – better.

Respond to change. You may not see it coming, but when you realize the market is changing, change with it. Not responding to change will leave you in the dust, and you may never catch up.

Your business is ever-changing and evolving and keeping up with the latest trends is part of the fun and excitement of keeping it all fresh. Do not look at it as a chore. Welcome it as a change of pace to keep you excited about things.

Make a firm commitment to establish yourself in the niche and then set goals to get you there. Rising to the top of your niche to become a trendsetter who can see the future, who helps others get there is a crucial step in becoming a real authority figure in your niche.

Develop the best product and best marketing strategies out there and continue to update as the trends dictate. It is a never-ending process. As other marketers get bored, lazy, or sloppy – you will be beating them hand over fist because you have that go-getter attitude that makes you hungry for success!

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Be the One Continuously Serving Your Audience

Are you going to be the “flash in the pan” marketer who comes on strong initially but fizzles out when the going gets tough, or it takes too much time to become successful?

Only you can decide. The primary way you will realize the success you once visualized in online marketing is to make yourself an authority figure to your audience and release products regularly – good products that go beyond what others are putting out.

Suppose you do not establish yourself as an authority figure. In that case, no one will pay attention to you, and you will be another copycat marketer that does what everyone else is doing. Originality is key to rising above others in your niche.

You have to keep some things in mind when figuring out how to serve your audience best. First, brand yourself in memorable ways. That means creating a name that will pop in your audience’s head and stay there, including the headshot or logo you use on all of your sites and products.

When visitors see that image, they’ll automatically know it’s you. You have to be willing to put yourself out there – no matter how critical you are of yourself – your age, your teeth, your size – no one cares. What they want is information.

Be original. No copycat marketer (and there are a ton of them) has ever succeeded beyond the ordinary. Come up with unique angles to market your products. It does not have to be complicated.

It can be something as simple as sharing your day-to-day life with others so they can better relate to you. And it doesn’t have to be extraordinary. If you’re in the IM niche, then showcase how your product allows you the freedom to do what you want as an entrepreneur.

If you are in the weight loss niche, then show pictures of your meals (and make sure they know which product they can find the recipes in). But become known for something – your humor, your sincerity – something that makes you, you.

Be knowledgeable. Becoming an authority in your niche is the best way to serve your audience. Make it a point to learn more than the average marketer in your niche knows and solve problems and find solutions for your audience.

That is part of the problem with most marketers. They do just enough to get by. Stop doing that and get deep into your topic. Please give yourself a thorough education in it. Read, take courses – become the leader they need you to be.

Put yourself out there. Social media, blogs, forums, and related sites are all good ways to make yourself known. And, make sure you do not make an arbitrary comment like “me too.”

Give advice, value, opinions, and insights when you speak, and people will listen and remember you. Do not be scared to stand out from the crowd. To blend in is what will make you mediocre.

Publish on Amazon. If you can put together an eBook for Kindle, it will boost your authority tenfold. You do not even have to write it yourself – although it is always good to impart your wisdom.

But if you can not or do not want to do it yourself, then gather the information you want to be covered in the book and hire a good freelancer to write it for you. Make sure you edit it and put your spin on it, though. It is worth the investment.

Avoid spamming at all costs, but make sure you release content or products regularly. It takes time, planning, and lots of research and forethought – but if you want to be the best, it will make a ton of difference because the small-time players get paralyzed and lack consistency.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Be Grateful

It is easy to expect success as if being successful was a right instead of a privilege and a gift. The problem with expecting to succeed is that, without more, the self-absorption of that expectation can slowly and subtly poison everything around you, including your business.

The real success we earn, and when it arrives, should be, and needs to be, accompanied by a stirring sense of gratitude. This gratitude is not merely about being grateful for what you have achieved. It is about being grounded enough in the moment of success to remember and recognize everyone who helped you get to this particular time and place. Without this grounded gratefulness, any win is lessened and will, in all likelihood, be fleeting.

So how do you repay those who helped you in achieving your goals? Well, acknowledging those individuals and sharing the benefits of your success with them is a great place to start. Yet, above and beyond taking care of your nearest and dearest, you also need to “pay it forward” by becoming a mentor and helper to others who are currently on their journey towards success. Think about how you can collaborate with someone else to further their efforts. See if you can contribute in some way to their projects. The contribution does not have to be monetary. Advice and the wisdom of experience are often far more valuable than cold cash.

Gratitude can extend even further. Some people are currently helping you every day that you may not see as mentors. Your customers are among these people. Without them, success becomes impossible. Take the time to let them know how important they are. Your vendors are also equally important. Yes, they provide you with materials that you pay them for providing. Still, a genuinely grounded and grateful attitude would even recognize each of them for the critical element they play in your business. Look outside the box, and you will see that success is not a solo effort; it is a team sport.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

How Are You Handling COVID?

It is the time of the year when I reflect on things past and how thankful I am for my life and what I have.

I know I should feel sad. I have lost a cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, one nephew, and almost lost his brother all to COVID. But I am thankful because I have become closer to family and friends. I have thought about what I want to do going forward with my life. Thanksgiving does that to me every year, but especially this year.

For the most part, I am home alone. I thought it would bother me, but all my life, there has always been someone I was taking care of or helping take care of, even as a child. Now, it is peaceful, so I am treasuring this time. I have time to read and watch a few movies(Christmas stories on Hallmark channels).

I am podcasting, and I started this blog. Next month I will have an intro program. I will share more on this project later. The year 2021 is going to be a great year! I can hardly wait!

I am curious! How do you feel about the things happening around you? Are you spending more time with family friends? I know we have to do this by Zoom, but are we not fortunate to do that? What are your plans for the rest of this year? Have you planned next year? I would love to hear your story of handling the COVID situation and the plans you have. Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments. I am so excited about next year, and I hope you are as well. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.


HAPPINESS depends on my attitude.

There are no HOPELESS situations, only people who have people who have become HOPELESS.

Form positive HABITS to offset negative ones.

HAPPINESS comes from HELPING others to find it. – Dr. Howard Jan

The past three or four weeks have been very challenging for me. It began with electrical problems in my computer room. I believe because it kept popping off and on unexpectedly, it affected my laptop because it has been acting crazy.

Now, I am sitting here with mixed feelings. I feel like sharing, so this will be both sad and happy. I usually keep things to myself, but I want to share with you. I lost my uncle to COVID. At 87, he had lived a long and useful life. I know he is in a better place, and he would not want me to sit around, feeling sad. The unfortunate part is that he is the fourth person in my family to pass from COVID. I am grateful because my nephew also caught it, but he has survived it.

Now, for the great news! My electrical problem has finally cleared up. I can grocery shop to put food in my refrigerator. I was without my refrigerator for a little over a week—everything in it and the freezer, I had to throw out. What a waste! That leaves the water heater. I am still having problems with getting it to work correctly.

Wow! It feels good letting my frustration out. I feel better. Thank you for listening. My mood feels happy. I must remember to do this again in the future. I promise it will not be a habit. I am almost always excited and enthused about life.

Because you let me rant, I am sharing a little message that I hope will help you be happy and inspire others to be ecstatic with their life.

My happiness inspires others to be happy

It is alright to be free of guilt when you focus on your happiness. Happiness has a positive effect on everyone around you. Positive feelings can be infectious. All it takes is one happy person to create other happy people. Always treat others better and more respectfully when you are happy.

Give your happiness the priority it rightly deserves. When your thoughts, words, and deeds are in harmony, you feel great joy.

When you are happy, the most important people in your life are happy, too.

My happiness benefits my friends and family, and your joy will do the same for you in your life.

I know my happiness inspires others because the happiness of others inspires me. It makes my day lighter and brighter when I spend time with happy people. I find it only takes one person’s pleasure to influence the mood and thoughts of another. I know this to be true.

Our negative moods can also impact others. For this reason, I make a serious effort to have a festive mood, a smile, speak to everyone I meet. I look forward with great anticipation and enthusiasm toward the future. The future is as bright as I expect it to be because I choose to make it so. I remember to consider the power my mood has upon others.

Today, I am pursuing my happiness with enthusiasm. Despite all the crazy things that have happened, I choose not to give in to the negative thoughts that come knocking on my mind. I do not feel selfish when I prioritize my happiness. My positive outlook on the future also benefits my friends and loved ones.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you feel when your close friends and family are happy?
  2. How does your mood influence those around you? What are some examples?
  3. What can you do today to live a happier life?

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

What is Winning?

I’ve learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what maybe just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, abilities, and self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom – how great is that? Soledad O’Brien

Winning has a different connotation for each of us. We each express it differently. Here are a few ways to look at the value of winning.

When you have a plan to win, it gives you a purpose to guide your daily actions. It helps you to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally to enjoy a much better life for yourself and your loved ones.

You take control of your thoughts. When you set a goal, you break it into bite-size bits when fear knocks on your door. It tells you how much it loves you, and it does not want you to get hurt. Now is the time to slam the door in its face. Take charge of your thoughts and any well-meaning outside influences.

Do the actions/steps you need to shape the life you want and go after the goals and plans you have set yourself. Make your dreams come true by achieving the goals that make you happy. Do not be afraid to shape your life positively.

Create your well-balanced life, and include enough time for your family, recreation, work, or business. Choose your way to live your life as a winner and be a WINNER!

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

5 Ways to Approach Setting Goals & Achieving Them

Setting goals to work towards sounds like a pretty straightforward task. However, as you may already know, following them and achieving them can prove to be surprisingly tricky.

If you are looking to stick to the goals you set, it all comes down to how you approach them. You can make a lot of mistakes with goal setting that can sabotage your chance of success. So, to help ensure you avoid these mistakes, below, you will discover five ways to approach setting goals and achieving them.

1. Make sure the goals are small and measurable

One of the critical mistakes you can make when setting goals is making them too big. While it’s essential to have an end goal in mind, it is even more important to break down the goal into smaller, easily achievable ones.

You will also want to make sure the goals are measurable. Know how it will feel and what you will see and hear once you reach the goal. They can also help you to identify in detail what it is you want from life too. So, start by making sure your goals are small and measurable to improve your chances of achieving them.

2. Ensure the goals are as specific as possible

Another thing you will want to ensure is that you are making your goals as detailed as possible. The vaguer they are, the less chance you will have at achieving them.

It is pretty challenging to stay focused on a vague goal. Your mind needs to know detailed steps to be taken. So, take your overall goal, such as losing weight, break it down into more specific, smaller goals such as losing a pound or two each week or exercising for a set number of days each week.

3. Commit to your goals

Whatever goals you choose to work towards, you will need to commit to sticking to them. Do everything you can to achieve each goal that you set.

It starts by writing your goals down and then coming up with an action plan to achieve them. Remember, make them small and specific for the best chance of success. It is also important to realize that you are not going to see overnight success. Committing to your goals is a long-term process that you are going to need to work on continually.

4. Consider making them public

If you are worried, you will not have the willpower to stick to your goals, it can help to make them public. That is, sharing them with your friends and family. Once we tell others about our plans, it makes us more accountable to achieve them.

Knowing that your friends and family are expecting you to progress with your goals can give you that push to continue.

5. Make sure you set a deadline

It is all well and reasonable to set goals, but if you do not have a specific deadline in mind, it will be more challenging to achieve them.

Because if you give yourself free reign to work on your goals whenever, it is more than likely you will not work on them at all. It is easier to put them off and think, “I will start on them tomorrow,” then before you know it, months have passed, and you are no closer to your goals.

So, give yourself a deadline for each goal you create. Make sure it is realistic and personalized to suit each purpose.

Ensuring you are approaching goal setting in the right way improves your chances of achieving them. The above are just five ways to approach your goals if you want to ensure your chance of success.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.