Four Of the Most Motivating Things You Can Do

Let’s admit it; we’ve all had times when our motivation was low. Even the most motivated individuals can get demotivated at times. Allowing lethargy to seep into your everyday life, on the other hand, would make it virtually hard to achieve anything in life.

According to LifeHack, “Motivation is derived from the verb “motivate,” which means “move.” It is the burning desire that compels you to take action. It is so deeply intertwined with what you believe to be true and right in life that it moves you from a simple desire to a moment of decision. Have you ever watched a working dog? The only motivation is YOU.”

Motivation is a subjective concept, which means that various things will motivate different people based on their objectives and ideals. What inspires you at work could not be the same as what motivates you at home. but let’s look at four of the most motivating things you can do:

Set Goals

Goals energize and motivate us, which should come as no surprise. Self-directed objectives are the most effective. Internal purposes that are self-directed. They include realizing your dreams and meaning in life, knowing what you consider essential aspects, and utilizing them as a daily reference for how you will choose to spend your life.


Perseverance reminds us of a road or a bridge – a particular route or path that we all take. Perseverance is critical when you are feeling hopeless and lost. Perseverance is the deliberate decision to remain on your course despite enormous obstacles.

The secret to a successful life is perseverance. You will realize your actual potential if you persevere long enough. Remember that you can do everything you set your mind to, but it requires effort, perseverance, and the guts to confront your concerns.

Reward Yourself

In a reward system, you offer yourself the chance to earn a reward, such as eating your favorite meal, but you don’t present it to yourself until you’ve reached a specific landmark or goal. Because you want the prize so much, it will be easier to get motivated and work on your objectives.

Remember, You’re Not Alone

Join a class or look for an instructor or someone with whom you can share your experience—supporting others to keep going maybe a considerable boost to your motivation, especially when things are challenging.

Share your thoughts and encourage your friends. Seeing others succeed will inspire you to achieve your own goals. Write about your accomplishments and solicit reader comments.

According to LifeHack, “Once you get to the stage where you are regularly helping others keep motivated – be it with a blog or talking with peers – you’ll find the cycle continuing where each facet of staying motivated is refined and developed.”

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today, March 31, 2022, is my mother’s birthday. If she were still with us, she would be 97 years young. My mother was a strong woman. Life through many ba lemons her way, and she made lemonade.

I’m proud of my mother. When my Dad left us, she was deeply hurt. I was her confidant. I was the person she talked to because we were new to California. She had five mouths to feed besides herself.

I will always be grate to my Dad’s aunt, uncle, and cousin. They provide us with groceries. Back in the 1950s, you had to show proof you had lived in California for a year before you could receive any assistance from the Welfare Service,

Those were some lean months. My mom had only an 8th-grade education, but she was determined to work for the Post Office, get a car, a home, have a little money in the bank.

As I grew older, I had my doubts she would accomplish her goals. She prepared for the Post Office by going to the library to study the testing materials. In the meantime, she took low-paying jobs to supplement her income and provide for her family. These were jobs the County helped her get.

To make a long story short. I was an adult in my apartment when the Post Office hired my mother. My brother joined the Marines and gave my mother the old used car he had fixed up. You would have thought he gave her Cadilac; she was so proud of that car.

My mother saved her money and purchased a brand new house. When she retired, she sold her house and bought another new home. When she left here, she had money in the bank, her home was paid for, but she no longer had a car because she had lost her vision.

My mother achieved her dreams. It took years, but she never gave up. Happy birthday, Mom! Thanks for being an excellent role model for us. My mother loved her family and was committed to taking care of us and achieving her dream.

I share her story with you; if you are struggling with a goal and start to have doubts, don’t give up. If it is a dream you want bad enough, stick with it.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Journaling your Way to Massive Action Success

Journaling is not just for 12-year-old girls! Journaling can be a powerful weapon in your get-it-done arsenal, and it’s easy to do. You can and should put all kinds of things in a goal journal, not just your thoughts and feelings on a given day.

Journaling is just one way of tracking your actions and successes, and yes, even your setbacks and failures. It also keeps your goal right in front of your face, so you keep on top of taking action steps every day. It supports all your ideas and revelations in one place, so you can go back and review whenever you want.

For example, if you are having trouble getting motivated one day because you feel like you have been working hard but making little progress, going back into your goal journal is a beautiful way to help you see that all of those little actions really pay off in a big way. So what should you keep in your goal journal? Start with these ideas and add to them as you see fit.

  • The explicit goal--Write down your exact goal in as much detail as possible. Describe it in a way that makes you feel excited about what your life will be like when you achieve your objective.
  • Your Why--Your Why is the big reason why you want to reach the goal you have defined for yourself. It is the reason you are willing to take the massive action steps needed to change your life for the better.
  • Massive action plans and schedule–When you plan how you will reach your goal, write it here. Writing it down is essential to track your efforts to see what actions are creating the most results.
  • Braindumps--A brain dump is just a list of actions you need to take in no particular order. Sometimes all the tasks you need to take build up in your head, making you confused about where you should start and what you should do next.
  • Prioritize--After you do a brain dump, organize the tasks into a priority list and add them to your daily and weekly to-do lists.
  • Daily to-do list–Write out your to-do lists here, so they are always handy.
  • Aha’s–As you take massive action, you will have inspiration or aha moments when something becomes apparent. Capture those ideas here to refer to them later when you are ready to put them into action.
  • Journal entries–Yes, you should journal. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a stream of consciousness writing to help you solve a problem or get your worries off your chest. It is a therapeutic and inspirational way to work.

Are you looking for tremendous success? Start journaling!

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

Self-Confidence Plays Big

There are many things we need to be successful in life, and self-confidence is at the top. When you feel fear at attempting something new, take a deep breath, feel the fear, and do it anyway.

I know it sounds easy, but it works! I have felt plenty of fear in my life. It is the times when I stepped out on faith that I was most successful. There is nothing like the feel of success when you work through your fear and come out on the other side. When I succeed at a project, I rewarded myself, even if it is only a bowl of ice cream. Which I am going to do tonight after I post this for tomorrow.

Until the next post, stay safe, and keep the faith.

p.s. I should never write when I am tired and sleepy. I missed some errors, but corrected them today.