Be The Author Of The Stories That Will Be Told About You

Photo by on As you have heard, every story has three sides, and according to Robert Evans, those are your side, my side, and the truth. If I were to tell the story of one of the greatest presidents ever to live, my focus would be on his speeches, achievements, and impact, especially … Continue reading Be The Author Of The Stories That Will Be Told About You


Yesterday I went to lunch with my Red Hat friends. We shared stories of the last year and a half—some of the ladies to gardening. I could almost smell the scent of fresh vegetables. It was apparent Merri was proud of her gardening. She showed pictures of fresh vegetables. I looked at the pictures, and … Continue reading Joy

Accept your achievements!

Accept your achievements. Being humble and thankful is one thing but denying your achievements or thinking of them as a mistake is self-defeating. Learn to accept and even revel in your accomplishments. A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me to list the things I have done. It was quite a list. Yesterday, I … Continue reading Accept your achievements!